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Explore the woodlands in Whetstone

Discover nature

With environmental concerns becoming more important to our future, we encourage your child to appreciate the outdoors from an early age. From wildlife to plants and flowers, they will learn to love nature.

Participate in living stories

The woodlands area at Academy 4 Kids Day Nursery is a fantastic location for supporting children's imaginative skills. Our living stories are especially popular with all our children such as: 'I'm going on a bear hunt'.

Relax in the cabin

Our snug wood cabin provides a quiet place to listen to stories, look at books and hear outdoor sounds such as the patter of raindrops on a rainy day. Babies also use this as a cosy place to nap.

Your child will be encouraged to:




Learn about their experiences through books and song


Investigate woodland flora and fauna

Grow vegetables and flowers from seeds

Watch the changing seasons, weather and environment

As part of our interactive pre-school learning experience, the woodlands are a captivating and exciting space where children can explore nature, living things and use natural resources. Find out how to register your child today.

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